Elmo Rietschle C-VLR 400 dry claw vacuum pump (10HP / 272 CFM)

  • $9,994.00

The Elmo Rietschle C-VLR 400 is high efficiency, dry and contact-free compression claw vacuum pump. This pump is extremely low maintenance and features integrated air cooling without additional cooling medium. Here are some additional features:

  • Capacity: 272 CFM @ 60 Hz / 227 CFM @ 50 Hz
  • Ultimate vacuum max: 28.44 in Hg
  • Available with or without the 10 HP motor (see options above)
  • Steady performance curve over the entire operating range
  • Suitable for humid and wet processes
  • Protective coating
  • Wide range of applications

Here's a link to the complete specification sheet for this pump.

Here's a link to the manual for this pump.

NOTE: this pump model was replaced in recent years by the C-VLR 401, however, we still have some limited availability of this original model. These pumps are brand new, have been fully tested and include the standard, full warranty (12 month period from date of shipment).

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