Busch R5 RA0100 5HP Vacuum Pump

  • $2,500.00

RA series vacuum pumps belong to the Busch product family of proven R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps. They have been designed for a wide range of applications, such as vacuum packaging, food processing, pneumatic conveying and many more.

Robustness and reliability of operation are the outstanding qualities of R5 lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps. These are just some of the reasons why proven Busch lubricated rotary vane technology has long established itself as the industry standard.

Rotary vane technology has been continuously developed and optimized by Busch in the course of over 50 years, always with a strong focus on economy and reliability of operation. High efficiency is the benefit of this continual development. Applications include: vacuum packaging, plastics processing, hospitals and healthcare facilities, meat processing, handling and lifting, central vacuum systems, and many more.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable: robust construction, reliable operation, proven performance, over 3 million pumps in operation
  • High Performance: high pumping speed and low ultimate pressure, designed for continuous operation
  • Flexible: application-oriented, various design options available, easy adaption to individual customer requirements and processes
  • Low Operating Costs: energy-efficient, optimum cost-benefit ratio
  • Easy Servicing: easy service routine
Technical Data R5 RA0100
Max pumping speed 71 ACFM
Ultimate pressure 0.075 Torr
Nominal motor speed 1800 RPM
Power consumption at 75 Torr 3.2 HP
Power consumption at ultimate pressure 2 HP
Sound level (ISO 2151) 68 dB(A)
Oil capacity 2 Qts.
Approximate weight 198* Lbs.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 29 ¼ x 18 5/8 x 12 inches*
Gas inlet / Gas outlet 1 ¼" / 1 ¼" NPT

* values may vary slightly due to different motor versions