80 Gallon Air Receiver Tank: Vertical, 200 PSI, Stainless Steel

  • $5,250.00
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ASME Vertical Air Receiver: 80 gallon, 200 PSI, basering only, carbon steel construction.

NOTE: this item ships in 5 weeks. You can call us at (973) 227-9221 for a specific ship date if required.

Dimensions (in inches, see diagram): OD=20, TL=63, TH=65.75, A=17, B=2.75

NPT Openings (in inches, see diagram): C=1/2, D=2, E=1-1/4, F=2, G=1/4, H=1-1/4

* Designed and constructed in accordance with ASME Section VIII Div-I Code for compressed air storage use.
* Exterior surface painted with one coat standard shop primer.
* Special exterior and interior coatings available upon request.

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